Caschera Profilati S.r.L. complies with existing laws in terms of environmental policy.
Our Company intends to achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance and recognizes the following fundamental activities:
- Involvment and commitment of staff at all levels with action plans and trainings;
- Assessment and monitoring the environmental effects of our activities;
- Assessment of environmental impact of new products and processes;
- Commitment to continuous improvement;
- Decrease environmental impact of activities and improve use of resources;
- Improvement of cooperation with local authorities responsible for monitoring and surveillance;
- Impldementation of procedures for non-compliance conditions;

- Implementation of corrective and preventive activities in case of non-observance of the policies, targets or environmental laws and rules.

Our company wants to formalize these activities in order to the environmental policy, which must be implemented through:
- Implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS);
- Identification of a director with the responsability to ensure the implementation and maintenance of RSA;
- Implementation of monitoring procedures to check the compliance of EMS with the Environmental Policy;
- Periodical reviews of EMS and of the Environmental Policy;
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